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In 2023 we celebrate two special concurring events: In October, the 23rd edition of the “Week of Italian Language in the World” will focus on the theme of “Italian and Sustainability.” The selected theme aligns with the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the bid for EXPO 2030 Rome (People and territories. Regeneration, inclusion, and innovation). In addition, 2023 also marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the renowned Italian author Italo Calvino. In recognition of Italy’s position at the forefront of environmental issues in the world, we therefore propose a creative contest for K-12 students that combines these two events. Our goal is to promote a culture of sustainability as expressed through the Italian language.

The contest is open to K-12 students who attend Italian classes in the States of California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Hawaii.

Select one short story or part of a novel by Italo Calvino from the excerpts below and present it to the class. Entry should focus on selected quotations and/or other passages from Calvino’s works (see attached document). Students can create an original piece summarizing, commenting, or interpreting the “green” themes in Calvino’s works.
Student project should be in one of the following formats:
 Comic strip telling a short story with speech bubbles in Italian.
 Power point presentation including pictures and text in Italian and, if needed, a narrating voice in Italian.
 Short video in the form of a sketch or short scene, with dialogues in Italian to be written and acted out by the students.
 Short prose in Italian based on one of Calvino’s stories.
 Short poem in Italian based on one of Calvino’s stories.
 Item made of recycled materials accompanied by a selection of keywords or a description in Italian. The artifact may be presented through photographs and/or video.
Students from the same class can select different formats for their submissions. Students may work individually or in groups.

The submission deadline is November 30 2023.
Student should send their project via email that must include students NAME(S), SURNAME(S), SCHOOL, CLASS to the following e mail address: