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screening > 10 Shorts around the World 2021 Online



screening > 10 Shorts around the World 2021 Online

The series compiled by the Italian Short Film Center gives us an overview of contemporary Italian short production.


Come un uovo nel radiatore Like an egg on the radiator 2020 – 10′ – Davide Maria Valsecchi

The aspiring actor, Valentino, can’t wait to depart with his girlfriend Anna for their first trip together. Alas! The car with which they’re about to hit the road belongs to Carlo, the girl’s father, and before taking his car away Valentino has to meet him...

Cracolice 2020 – 12′ – Fabio Serpa

Cracolice, a small town by the Tyrrhenian Sea, is sadly known for the chronicles of an event, never denied nor confirmed,that happened in the early 1990s: following the anchoring of the famous “ships of poison”, the young population suddenly stopped growing, creating eternal teenagers. How this was possible is still a mystery.

En rang par deux In a row of two 2020 – 7′ – M. Giusti, V. Mancini, E. Bosco

The concept of the movie developed from an encounter with two African men living in Rome, and is based on their music. In the short film, a combination interview and music video, Afifi of Tunisian origin and Aliou of Senegalese origin narrate their very different stories of friendship, Italy and especially the fundamental value of playing music together.

La terra delle onde The land of waves 2020 – 17′ – Francesco Lorusso

A boy disappears during a storm. Even though the adults of the town decided to call off the search, his friends do not resign themselves to the loss and build a radio studio to track him down.

Le mosche The flies 2020 – 15′ – Edgardo Pistone

The vicissitudes and adventures of a group of boys, left to their own devices while life, placid and apathetic at first glance, passes undisturbed. At the mercy of the demons of growth, their own imaginations and their arrogance, the boys, like flies that buzz from rot to silk, will drag themselves to a tragic and irreparable ending...

Macchiato 2020 – 18′ – Prospero Pensa

The screenplay follows the story of Pietro, an experienced barman who has for forty years kept his small business going in the suburbs of Milan. His routine is overturned when a new café opens right opposite to his. It’s a modern shop, young and active, owned by Chinese people. In a moment of vulnerability for Pietro, Christian comes in, he is a kid from the neighborhood with the gift of the gab who plants in the old man the seed of malice, rancor and prejudice. How far could Piero go to survive with his own café?

Paese che vai Country you go 2020 – 11′ – Luca Padrini

Set in a small town in the Italian countryside, a young and charming Alfredo comes back home after having been for a very long time with his partner Mattia, an Afro-American man. After meeting Alfredo’s grandmother, the sweet and crazy Donna Maria, the two go visit Alfredo’s father, Sor Pucci. Alfredo has to tell his secret to his old-fashioned father. He doesn’t know that his secret will turn into a series of unexpected comic events.

Slow 2020 – 11′ – Giovanni Boscolo, Daniele Nozzi

Since Marisa retired, her life has completely changed: she feels useless, abandoned, without a purpose. The meeting with a secret organization of retired people discloses to her one of the biggest mysteries in the history of humankind: the road traffic.

Threads Of Desire 2021 – 14′ – Bianca Di Marco

After the theft of a precious dress from the town’s tailor, the monotonous life of a female farmer is turned upside down.

Tropicana 2020 – 13′ – Francesco Romano

Maicol is an 8 year old boy who lives in one of the working-class houses in Trullo (Rome) with his father Valerio and his mother Giusy, both very young. He has a relationship of great complicity with his father. The two spend most of their time together between PlayStation games and afternoons with friends. As a gift for his school graduation Maicol receives money to buy the jersey of his favorite football team. This event and its consequences will question and change the relationship with his father.



Data: Da Lun 26 Lug 2021 a Dom 1 Ago 2021

Organizzato da : IIC Los Angeles

In collaborazione con : Italian Short Film Center, Turin

Ingresso : Libero


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