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Level 4


Level 4

Winter Session 2020


Intermediate Italian 1

Course Description                                                                                                             

The grammatical structures include imperfetto vs passato prossimo, indirect objects, future tense, trapassato tense, ci adverb and ne pronoun. Communicative goals include talking about the environment, cinema, sport, free time, and asking for information.

Schedule of Classes and Teachers                                                                                      





6:30 - 8:30PM



January 27 - March 30








12 - 2PM


January 28 - March 31







10AM - 12PM


February 1 - April 4
















Length of lessons: 2 hours
Total hours: 20 hours
Number of students: minimum of 5, maximum of 12



When to register: Registration is currently open
Registration prerequisites: Basic Italian 3 or equivalent
Entrance exam: none
Course fee: $390.00
Payment method: Visa/MasterCard/Amex, Check, Cash
Textbook: Oggi in Italia, F. Celli Merlonghi, 8th Edition. Chapters 10 - 12