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Level 3


Level 3

Winter Session 2023    
Basic Italian 3

Course Description                                                                                                               

The grammatical structures include present and past tense of reflexive verbs, future tense, conditional; possessive adjectives (family), partitive “ne”, direct and indirect pronouns. Communicative goals include describing and asking about one’s work routine, saying the date, talking about national holidays, describing a family tree, talking about one’s eating habits, understanding recipe’s instructions, talking about future actions, shopping for clothes and shoes.

Schedule of Classes





6:30 - 8:30PM                                 


January 30 - April 3 (Online)  






12 - 2PM


January 31 - April 4 (Online)





6:30 - 8:30PM


January 31 - April 4 (In-Person)                                                                   





10AM - 12PM


February 2 - April 6 (In-Person)





10AM - 12PM


February 4 - April 8 (Online)




















Length of lessons: 2 hours

Total hours: 20 hours 

Number of students: minimum of 5, maximum of 12



When to register: Registration is currently open 
Registration prerequisites: Basic Italian 2 or equivalent
Entrance exam: none
Course fee: $399.00
Payment method: Visa/MasterCard/Amex
Textbook: New Italian Espresso Textbook (Beginner & Pre-Intermediate) for English speakers, Alma Edizioni. Chapters 8 - 11