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Level 1


Level 1

Spring Session 2021

Basic Italian 1 

Course Description 

The grammatical structures include present tense of regular verbs and piacere, articles, nouns, possessive adjectives, demonstrative pronouns, and prepositions. Communicative goals include greetings and introducing oneself, asking for basic information, talking about professions, expressing likes and dislikes.

Schedule of Classes and Teachers






6:30 - 8:30PM              


April 12 - June 14                           







10AM - 12PM


April 13 - June 15






12 - 2PM


April 17 - June 19






Italian for Travel

Beginner Conversation

Want to get a warm welcome when you travel to Italy? Have a little time before traveling? You don’t necessarily need to take a whole year of Italian to be able to communicate in Belpaese.

This beginner conversation class covers Italian for practical scenarios, exactly the kind you’re bound to encounter while strolling around abroad.

No previous knowledge of Italian is required but it is a perfect refresher too.

A "Travel Manual" is included in this course.






6:30 - 8:30PM














Length of lessons: 2 hours
Total hours: 20 hours
Number of students: minimum of 5, maximum of 12



When to register: Registration is currently open
Registration prerequisites: none
Entrance exam: none
Course fee: $390.00
Payment method: Visa/MasterCard/Amex
Textbook: New Italian Espresso Textbook (Beginner & Pre-Intermediate) for English speakers, Alma Edizioni. Chapters 1 - 4