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webinar > DANTE (Laterza, 2020) by Alessandro Barbero



webinar > DANTE (Laterza, 2020) by Alessandro Barbero

Author and historian Alessandro Barbero a recipient of the prestigious Strega Prize, will presents his latest book in a conversation with Michael Subialka, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Italian at UC Davis.

In his groundbreaking book, Dante, Alessandro Barbero examines the life, times and world of the medieval creator of the masterpiece The Divine Comedy. Barbero follows Dante through his adolescence as the son of a usurer who dreams of belonging to the world of nobles and men of letters; through the dark corridors of politics, where his ideals are shattered in the face of the petty rivalries and rampant corruption; and through his wandering in exile, where he discovers the incredible diversity of fourteenth-century Italy—from its commercial metropolises to the insular world of its smaller courts. But the book also looks at the sorrows and silences that make it difficult to reconstruct entire periods of Dante’s life, and presents a variety of different hypotheses, allowing readers to form their own ideas, in the way a detective story might invite them to unravel the thread of events and come to a conclusion on their own.

The English translation of the e-book Dante is available here.
This webinar is in English.


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Date: Thursday, February 25, 2021

Time: At 10:30 am

Organized by : IIC San Francisco

In collaboration with : the Italian Cultural Institutes of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC,. in coordination with the Embassy of Italy

Entrance : Free