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10 Shorts Around the World



10 Shorts Around the World

For the fifth year in a row, the Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio (National Short Film Centre), in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, promotes around the world, ten Italian short films, selected from the most special and representative works made in 2019. The selection, as every year, presents an overview of contemporary short film production, touching on genres and themes that are extremely different from each other.

Parte 1 August 5 -11 

Il Fagotto (The Bassoon), by Giulia Japanese – 2019 – 15'
Low birth rates are casuing a country to disappear and the government puts in place policies of psychological pressure on women, called every year in a state office to explain the reason for their lack of motherhood. In a world out of time, which sinisterly increasingly resembles our present, two women are at opposite poles of their fertility period. Bianca is 18 years old and plays the bassoon, Victoria is 47 and only a year before her badge expires. Their meeting forces them to decide in an instant the direction of their future: any choice will change the fate of their lives.

Senza tenere premuto (Without holding down), di Paolo Strippoli – 2019 – 13’
Chiara loves Instagram and is happy with her followers. But when one night someone really begins to follow her, her life falls into a vortex of danger and despair, story after story.

A colloquio con Rossella (In converation with Rosella), di Andrea Andolina – 2019 – 11’
Based on a story by Gaia Tomassini, already a finalist in 2016 at the Campiello Giovani Prize. It is the story of an elderly woman that the reader learns about through the messages left on her answering machine by family and friends.

Quando la banda passò (When the band passed), by Maurizio Forcella – 2019 – 15'
While Atri's historic musical band plays in its own town, the newly-elected mayor warns them that they will have to leave the municipal building which will be used to accommodate a fierce African gorilla. You will also have to pay all the old running costs of the property. The group, unexpectedly cornered, can overcome the bad moment only by winning the band competition in the region. Ivan, the famous jazz trumpeter who recently moved to the city, will have the weight of the contest on his shoulders. Will he be able, with his solo, to convince the stern public of the country?

Manica a vento (Wind sleeve), by Emilia Mazzacurati – 2019 – 19'
At the rides of Marina di Cecina, a Tuscan village on the sea, a little girl crosses, fearless and unconscious, a track of bumper cars barefoot. She approaches a boxing machine and throws a record-breaking punch. It's been ten years and the baby's grown up. Mara now lives in a room in her father's decadent hotel, in the same village, by the sea. She can't go out on her own. From the window of his room she shoots at the same time, every day, a polaroid of a wind sleeve that stands on the beach...


Part 2 August 12 - 18 

Borntwice, by Jade Bossi – 2019 – 8'
A terrible bicycle accident breaks Joshua's childhood. Looking back at the videos of his childhood associated with his YouTuber business, the film investigates the fragility of life and the perception of the reality of a fifteen-year-old boy growing up in the suburbs.

Lella, by Michele Capuano – 2019 – 15'
On New Year's Eve 1978, Edward received an unexpected visit. The visitor is a young acquaintance of his, shaken by a fixed thought that he cannot get rid of. Once inside the house, the young man begins to tell his unforgettable clandestine love story with the beautiful Lella. A year and ten months of passion, culminating in an unconfessable secret.

Il muro bianco (The White Wall), by Andrea Brusa and Marco Scotuzzi – 2019 – 13'
A teacher and a principal must protect elementary school students from an invisible enemy. Based on a true story, it's a real story.

Amateur, by Simone Bozzelli – 2019 – 15'
A hot afternoon. Serena helps Christopher study German. He, bored, prefers to make videos of her on his cell phone. She doesn't like it but he does, it makes him laugh: especially when Serena makes faces. And when Christopher laughs, she's happy. Through that game, the two approach and discover an unexpected intimacy.

Veronica non sa fumare (Veronica doesn't know how to smoke), by Chiara Marotta – 2019 – 20'
Veronica, 17, has long spied on a different life from her own, and chose it for herself. When she finally manages to approach Alessia, she totally immerses herself in the new world, which proves to be the same and at the same time different from what she imagined.


Date: Da Wednesday, August 05, 2020 a Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Organized by : Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles

In collaboration with : Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio

Entrance : Free